Escorts offer ‘no-strings-attached’ sex for the money

A prostitute has told the Cincinnati Enquirer that she can’t wait to give her clients the ‘big one’ — sex for money.

The woman, who wants to remain anonymous, said escorts have always been a key part of her business and are often referred to by clients as ‘friends.’

But, she added, they are now becoming an increasingly difficult financial proposition.

‘I used to have an escort as a young woman and a few years ago, I realized that I had no money and was homeless,’ the woman, whose age was not disclosed, told the Enquireor.

‘Now, I work with the same people, and they are not only paying me a lot of money, they pay me on a regular basis.

It is very hard for me to get a full night’s sleep and get out of my house.

‘These days, I have to be extremely careful about my location and my location is now a very big deal.’

One woman who works as an escort, who asked not to be named, said the new industry has changed the way she approaches escorts.

‘The people who work in the industry now, they don’t think of me as a prostitute, they think of the people they are working with as friends.

‘They don’t consider me to be a prostitute.

They think of it as the ‘friends’ that they get to have sex with,’ the escort said.

‘My business is growing, and it is definitely increasing.

‘But I can’t give away everything that I do.’

The prostitute said she has no problem working with men she knows from work, but she has a ‘little bit of a problem’ with men who don’t ‘show up.’

The woman said that she has not had a single client who paid for sex with her, and she does not see a ‘problem’ with people who do.

‘People who work with me have very little idea what I’m doing.

I’m not going to give them any money,’ she said.

However, she admitted that there are times when she feels uncomfortable asking a man for sex.

‘When you are not being followed, it is not a good situation for a woman to have to go into the business.

I will not be the first woman to tell you that,’ the prostitute said.

The prostitute added that she hopes to continue working with escorts as long as she can, but that she is ‘scared to death’ to do so.

‘We have been dealing with this for years and years, and I am very scared to go to work,’ she told the paper.

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