Why do so many people like being a dick?

This week’s question was asked by a Redditor named chicago, and it comes with a very familiar answer.

He was responding to a thread that asked people what they think of a woman who likes to be sexually harassed, but also does it.

 Here’s the first answer, from a guy named chris: I feel like a woman’s job is to be the boss of her body.

It doesn’t matter if she’s a virgin or not, it doesn’t really matter.

It’s all about power and control, right?

But then he adds:  I don’t know what the definition of a boss is, but I think being a boss means to be a dominant person.

If a woman is a boss, she will always be the dominant one in the relationship, right, chris?

This is a pretty obvious double standard, but it’s one that we can’t ignore. 

In the thread, another Redditor said the same thing, but said it a bit more bluntly.

Chris’ answer isn’t just the easiest: it’s also the most common.

There are several threads out there on the subreddit where people use the term boss.

And, as you can see, it’s not just the ones that ask about being a ‘boss’.

A lot of these responses come from people who don’t understand what a boss actually is, and they aren’t wrong.

A boss is someone who has the power to decide what is considered “work”, and it’s up to them to decide who gets to do what.

You have a boss if you have a lot of power over the things you do.

If you don’t have power over those things, then you’re a slave to others.

That’s just one of the most basic of the four basic concepts that make up the basic model of human sexuality.

It also applies to other things.

A boss can be someone who is always pushing you to do things you shouldn’t, or is someone that wants to be in control of everything, and who always wants to make sure you have things in order.

A boss can also be someone that has a lot control over things, and can also tell you that you’re doing something you don�t want to do, and wants to force you to get in line.

A person who has control over other people is often a boss.

But in the case of a person like chris, the person he is being told is a woman.

What does that mean?

The basic definition of boss would mean someone who works for someone else, who makes decisions for them, and makes it a point to do everything for them.

A lot of people are confused by this definition.

They say, “Oh, a boss can’t be a female.”

It’s the opposite of the truth.

Women don’t always work for bosses.

A few examples include: The majority of the time, a woman does not work for a boss because she’s not in charge of a relationship.

A woman’s work does not always fall under the jurisdiction of a man.

Women often work for their families, too, and do not always take a pay cut to do so.

They’re often expected to take on more of the work of their families in order to provide for them and their children.

But the majority of times, women do not work in the workplace for the sole purpose of a male boss.

Another common misconception is that a woman can’t get a job because she has a boss in her life.

The reality is, there are a lot more women in the workforce than there are men.

But in many cases, that’s not because they have a male role model to follow.

One of the worst things a woman may do is take the job of a job that she doesn’t want.

In a study that looked at female applicants for a job in marketing, the researchers found that the vast majority of women were denied the position.

And that’s a bad situation for women because they often have to learn the skills and skillsets of someone else.

When it comes to bossy women, women are often expected and pressured to be ‘bossy’ in order for the person they’re being bossed with to want to work for them as well.

But when a woman tries to be bossy, that isn’t a way to make the person you’re being Bossy with want to be Bossy for you.

In other words, the best way to be assertive and assertive is to just be assertively, assertively assertive.

The most important thing about being bossy is that it means you’re not a slave.

When a boss tells you what to do or what to say, you are free to do as you please.

When you’re in control, you have the right to do whatever you want.

And when you’re bossy and assertively asserting yourself, you’re always the boss.

A lot people get this message