Why is it that Toronto escorts can only take you to a ‘luxury hotel’ and not the most expensive, posh restaurant in town?

By Sarah Lee, Business Insider A recent study of Toronto’s escorts by the research firm Mercer has confirmed some of the common perceptions people have about Toronto escort services: they’re expensive, they’re not safe and they can’t be trusted.

But Mercer also found a few things about Toronto’s private escorts that make them worth the trip, according to an article by the Toronto Star’s Marjorie Johnston: There are plenty of places to relax, and a few to catch up with your crush. 

The city’s largest and most popular escorts are in the heart of the city, in a few exclusive corners of the condo market and even in some trendy neighbourhoods such as Dundas West.

Some of the most popular venues are on the waterfront and even inside the city’s new high-rise towers. 

“The city has a lot of luxury,” says Sarah Lee from Mercer.

“It has luxury apartments, it has expensive condos, it’s really an amazing city.” 

Lee says Toronto’s most popular private escort service is one that’s known to go to expensive restaurants and nightclubs, but also some of its more exclusive venues.

“It has to be a special place.

You have to know who the people are,” she says.”

You can’t go to a nightclub and be treated like a celebrity.” 

“We’re not there to be treated that way,” she adds.

“We’ve got to have our integrity.” 

But if you’re looking for an escorts experience that isn’t the exclusive club in the city and isn’t too out of the ordinary, Mercer found that the city has plenty of other places to enjoy the same things that escorts do.

“Toronto has some of [the] best bars in the world, and some of them have the most luxurious suites, but they’re all located in the suburbs, so there’s not really any opportunity to go there,” Lee says.

“There are lots of restaurants in the core, and there are some more upscale bars that have the best food and drinks, but you have to go somewhere that’s really luxurious, where people can enjoy it.”

For example, Mercer says that the top five most expensive places to have sex in Toronto are:  The Grand Ballroom, on Dundas East in the centre of the neighbourhood; The Regency at Sherbourne Gardens, in the west side of the building; Davenport at Kensington Market, on Spadina Ave.

in the south end; Pleasure Island at Yorkdale Park, in Yonge St. near the Eaton Centre; Champlain Place on Dundam Street, in Scarborough; Café Sushi on Dundarouche Ave., in Yaletown; and Kissimmee’s House, in Kissimmees. 

Lee’s research also found that some of these places were more expensive than others, and one in particular had a reputation as being the most exclusive.

“They’re all really expensive and very exclusive, but that’s kind of what Toronto’s reputation is, it is a very exclusive city,” she explains.

“So there’s really a very limited amount of people that can get there.

So if you can go to those places, then you’re going to get a lot more than what you’re used to.” 

It’s worth noting that the most common question Mercer found was, “What does it cost to have an escort in Toronto?”

Lee says the most important thing is “finding the right person, the right experience, and the right location.” 

There are also some private escorting services that cater specifically to couples. 

According to Mercer, Toronto’s Private Escort Services Association has more than 600 members, and that number is growing every year. 

Toronto’s private escort service is in the spotlight because of a new study that found some of their customers are underage.

Mercer says they have a good track record with kids who’ve been sexually abused. 

But Mercer also has to keep in mind that there’s no such thing as a safe place to be.

“In Toronto, we do not have any safe places,” Lee said.

“We don’t even have a safe space, we’re just looking for a safe spot to be.”

 “You have to be aware of your surroundings, and you have no idea what the safety of your partners is going to be,” Lee adds.

“That’s the risk, and it’s the reason why I think there’s so much concern around the idea that you’re in Toronto and you’re getting an escort.” 

If you’re ready to go for an adventure, Mercer suggests a few places to get out of your own way. 

There’s no shortage of places in Toronto that you can stay and have a night on the town, including 

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