A new escorts agency just opened in Miami-Dade County—and it’s a good thing, too.

A new escort agency just closed its doors, and it’s not because the business is closed.

The company, Green Bay Escorts, opened its doors to escorts in Miami in late 2018.

The new Green Bay escorts is owned by the same company that is behind The Ashley, an escort agency that has been shuttered in Florida for more than a year.

The Ashley is owned and operated by a Florida woman named Kimberly Lee.

A former escort herself, Lee says she’s never had a problem with the law and has worked with a handful of other escorts who have experienced issues with the state.

But she says the Green Bay escort’s closure is a wake-up call for her and others like her.

Green Bay was the only escorts’ agency in Miami until now, she says.

She hopes the closure will encourage other escort agencies in the city to follow suit.

“The state is going to continue to put pressure on escorts and other escort agencies, but the problem is going back to Miami- Dade County, so it’s just a wake up call to people who are looking to work,” she said.

“There’s a lot of other women who are going to have to work, and if they have to put up with this for a long time, then they’re going to be going to prison.”

Lee’s business, called Green Bay, has been a longtime fixture in Miami.

She opened the business in 2008 and is a longtime patron of the city.

She said the reason she opened the escorts was to help other women in the industry, especially those who had experienced abuse and neglect from the police.

In the past year, Green Bank has opened three other escorting agencies in Miami and Broward counties, she said, and is expanding her business to a number of other locations.

Lee says it was an “all-inclusive decision” to close the business and she plans to continue working with the escort community.

“I hope it opens doors for other escapers to come to Miami,” she says, adding that she is “always open to doing business with people who need help.”

Lee said she is proud of the work she’s done as a business owner and is grateful for the outpouring of support from the community.

The closure of the Green Bank escorts has been the subject of a public records request from The Miami Herald, which obtained Green Bank’s financial statements.

It’s a question that has led to several public comment sessions on the issue in the past month, including one in late May hosted by Miami-based advocacy group Women for Escorts.

In a letter to the paper, Green Banks’ board of directors wrote that the company had “continued to be involved in the Miami-area escort industry since 2006.”

The board noted that the business was not a regulated industry in Miami, but that the city’s attorney general had issued a “declaration of intent” to regulate the industry.

The board wrote that it was the attorney general’s decision and not the board’s decision, and that Green Banks would continue to operate in compliance with the declaration.

The letter also noted that Green Bank had been licensed by the city for a number.

In addition to the attorney state’s declaration, Green Bases had also been “licensed by Miami’s Department of Health for a period of time and were licensed for use in conjunction with the Miami Police Department and were also licensed by Florida’s Department for Healthcare and Government Services for a similar period of years,” according to the letter.

According to the Miami Herald article, Miami-dade County attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle said she had received numerous complaints about Green Bay and was taking the matter seriously.

“In the event of any violations by the Green Banks organization, I will take appropriate action and file charges with the Attorney General,” she wrote in an email.

“These charges will not be directed at any individual or organization.

The Attorney General will make all appropriate findings and prosecute all appropriate cases.”

The Herald also spoke with Green Banks CEO Laura Boggs.

She says she is aware of concerns raised by the Herald and the community and has made her decision public.

“We’ve had a lot people contact us, and we have been in touch with the attorney,” Boggst said in an interview with The Miami New Times.

Lee said Green Bay will continue to provide services for clients who want to use escorts but need help getting through the process. “

As a company, we have a very strong commitment to the people we serve and we continue to do that because that’s what we do, to serve the community,” she added.

Lee said Green Bay will continue to provide services for clients who want to use escorts but need help getting through the process.

“When we’re out on the street, we

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