What is a rock-and-roll escort?

Rock-and and roll has long been an avenue for rich, famous, and powerful people to express themselves sexually and socially, but the practice is increasingly under attack by authorities. 

In Canada, a new law was introduced last year that will see some offenders face jail time if they are caught in the act of being an escort.

The new law also bans the use of “sexually suggestive and/or exploitative language,” and requires “prohibitive and specific physical conduct.”

It’s a tough law to get through, with some experts warning that it could potentially lead to a backlash against the business.

“There are a lot of people who will be offended by the word, ‘escort’ and ‘escorts,'” says Mark Smith, an escort and author of The Sex Offender: How Sex Offenders Get Away with Crimes Against Humanity.

“If you’re a rocker, a rapper, or a hip-hop artist, you can be an escort, but that’s a bad word, it’s a word that makes people feel uncomfortable.”

Smith says there is a wide spectrum of what constitutes a “sex” act in the country, and he’s heard many people use the word “escort” in the context of consensual sex, not sexual assault.

“I think it’s important to acknowledge that not every sexual encounter can be consensual,” Smith says.

“Some people can consent to sex, but it’s not consensual.

I don’t think there’s a clear line.” 

There are plenty of other reasons why Rock & Roll might not be the most desirable place to be an escorts.

Smith says the word is often associated with being a “sissy,” and many women have had experiences with their partners, including being “chosen.”

“Women who are sexually assaulted in the workplace are often referred to as ‘sluts’ because they don’t conform to the image of the ideal woman,” Smith adds.

“It’s often seen as a way for men to abuse women.

So that’s the idea behind Rock & Rotation.”

The Sex Offending Prevention Act makes it a crime to “provide or facilitate” sex acts between consenting adults, and to “obtain or attempt to obtain” the services of a person who is not consenting.

A person who has been convicted of these charges could face up to seven years in prison.

If convicted, offenders could face a maximum penalty of 10 years in jail and a $5,000 fine.

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