A gay escort’s story of survival in Wisconsin

A Milwaukee escort who says she was forced to work as a sex slave for a wealthy man is sharing her story for the first time in a new book.

Sarah Hargrove says she escaped the brutal life of a sex worker and ran from her abusers.

She says she has been living as a gay man for more than a decade, but that was only a dream in the past.

Her story was one of the few available in an attempt to raise awareness about the sexual exploitation of gay and transgender people in Wisconsin.

“I’m still very scared, and I’ve never felt safe, I’ve felt abandoned,” she said.

“It’s just never really been part of my life.

And it’s been on the rise, I think.”

The former sex worker fled Milwaukee in the early 1990s after her employer, a businessman named George Broussard, hired a woman to be his sex slave, according to her lawsuit.

He then forced her to do all the sex work for him.

Hargrvel was living in New York City at the time, but she says he never paid her rent.

When he didn’t pay her, she and her boyfriend, a former porn star named Paul, fled the city.

The couple had no money and no credit cards.

“When I came to the city I was homeless,” Hargs said.

She said she tried to call her father for help, but he never called her back.

She eventually returned to Milwaukee.

She had been living in the city since the early 1980s.

The story of her escape from bondage and abuse is part of her memoir, “Sex, Lies and the Devil,” due out this fall from Simon & Schuster.

Harsvel was an actress who appeared in pornographic films and appeared in other porn films, including one starring a gay couple.

She was known for her sexy costumes and dancing.

She is now married and has two children.

She claims she was not forced to do sex work but said BrouSSARD forced her into it because she was gay.

She also said BOUSSARD had sex with her twice and even threatened to beat her with a baseball bat.

“He was violent with me, he threatened to kill me,” Harsd told The Associated Press.

“So, I’m a victim.

And I have to live with it.”

The lawsuit claims BrouSARD also forced her husband to have sex with him while she was a slave.

The suit says Brousard had sex for $3,000 a time with the escort.

It said he paid her $6,000, and then paid her just $500 for the rest of the work.

Harrvel says BOUSARD then forced Hargrols to work on his home.

HARRSVEL: It was like being held hostage.

And then he would force me to do everything he wanted me to and that was just torture.

“And he would beat me with a bat.

I was very scared to do it, and that’s how much it hurt,” HARRSLED: He wouldn’t let me go.

He would beat my body, and my head, and he would hit me with his fist and his knee.

HARSLED says she tried talking to him, but BOUSBERS hand was clenched.

She tried to flee, but the man was there, and BOUBSARDS wife was there.

HARB: I had my gun with me.

I had all my money.

I don’t know what happened to my money, but I had it.

BOUTSARDS wife followed her, but HARRSS: She just kept following me.

“She grabbed my arm and pulled me out of the house, and when I turned around she had her fist on my back,” she told the AP.

“The next thing I remember is, I am standing in the middle of a parking lot, on the street, and she was pushing me into the back of a car.”

HARRSHED: I said, ‘Please don’t do that to me.

Please don’t hurt me, please, please.’

“I remember my arm getting caught between her arms.

And she said, “Don’t do this to me, don’t let him do this.” “

And she was screaming at me.

And she said, “Don’t do this to me, don’t let him do this.”

HARB said Boubssard then drove her to a remote area where he beat her, and the woman told HARRSTED that he choked her and pushed her head into the steering wheel of the car.

She suffered multiple broken ribs, a broken nose, and was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.

HABB: I was scared.

I said I’m going to kill myself.

And they said, you’re not going to die. “HARB: The

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