How to pick a ‘casual’ escort agency in a small city

A small town in Ohio could have the most desirable escort agency if you’re willing to look past the fact it’s in a rural area.

Akron, Ohio has the highest number of reported cases of “consensual sodomy” in the nation, with at least one woman reporting being forced to have oral sex with another person.

The Akron-area city council recently passed a resolution declaring the local escort agency “consistent with the definition of an escort” and requiring its agents to adhere to local laws.

But in an effort to increase safety, the city council passed a new ordinance last month that prohibits all escort agencies in Akron from having any more than three escorts on-site.

Council members, including Councilwoman Mary Jo White, a former police officer, voted in favor of the new ordinance.

They are hoping to have the ordinance on the November ballot.

The council also voted unanimously in favor to create an ordinance requiring all new adult entertainment businesses to be licensed as sex-toy operators.

The ordinance mandates that all adult entertainment establishments have to be supervised by a licensed sex-trafficking expert.

In an email, White said the council voted in favour of the ordinance because the Akron-Akron Adult Entertainment License Board has been doing nothing to enforce the city’s current licensing laws.

“I have been working hard to ensure that all businesses that are licensed as adult entertainment operators in Akron, Ohio, comply with the City of Akron’s sexual predators laws, which are enforced by the Akron Police Department,” White said.

The City of Cincinnati, a suburb of Cincinnati in the Ohio state line, is among several cities that have legalized the business of adult entertainment.

According to the National Coalition for the Homeless, Cincinnati has the third highest rate of adult entertainers in the country.

The Cincinnati ordinance will require the adult entertainment industry to register with the city as a sex-trading organization.

If an adult entertainment operator fails to comply with that registration requirement, the adult entertainer may be subject to fines of up to $1,000.

White said the city would likely not be able to enforce its law unless and until the ordinance is passed.

“We have not seen any of the adult business owners who have been registered by the city comply with those requirements,” White told WCPO.

“And if they don’t comply with our requirements, the council would have to decide to do so.”

What we’re hoping to do is get these adult entertainment companies to register and become a sex industry by requiring the companies to do that registration,” White added.

Councilman Joe McInerney, who is also the vice president of the city of Akron, said in an interview with the Akron Beacon Journal that the council had considered the proposal before deciding to pass the ordinance.

The city council was not able to discuss the ordinance during its meeting, which ended Monday.

The council will meet again on Dec. 4.

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