The New York Times

The New England escort industry has its own set of rules. 

These rules are not to be shared with strangers, and they aren’t to be discussed with anyone except the escort who’s booked for you. 

You may only be able to meet one person at a time, and you must have a date and time. 

The escort is supposed to be the “good girl.” 

They’re supposed to act professional and respectful. 

They are supposed to have an amazing sense of humor. 

But the best part is that these rules are only meant to be strictly enforced in the New York City area. 

There are no other rules in New York. 

And if you don’t follow the rules, the person you’re dating can’t do anything about it. 

I can’t explain it to you.

You’re a young, inexperienced woman and the first escort you’ve ever had to date is a male. 

What are your chances of being a good girl? 

If you don-you’re a terrible guy. 

How do you break the ice? 

This is why there are so many rules and so many things you need to do to get laid.

You need to wear a wig, a makeup, make-up, and hair extensions. 

Your date has to wear sunglasses. 

No one else is allowed in your apartment or your bedroom. 

Never give out your address to anyone. 

It’s your only real way to connect with potential suitors. 

When your date is not dressed well, your date can tell you.

You can’t let a stranger see you naked, but you can tell them. 

If someone says they have a crush on you, tell them that you’re hot. 

Give them the benefit of the doubt. 

“I just have a girl crush on me.

That’s all.” 

You can never tell a date that you have a boyfriend. So don’t. 

Don’t tell your date that your life is perfect, but that you love her and you’re going to get her. 

She needs to be happy. 

Make sure that you don, too.

Do you have any tips to get you laid? 

I like to say that it’s the little things that will make the difference between a good experience and a disaster. 

Get a job that doesn’t require you to be a stripper. 

Find a date who’s not your age. 

Be a good girlfriend. 

Use social media. 

Pick a name that you’ll be comfortable sharing. 

Stay out of trouble. 

Avoid the most common mistakes women make, and make the most of them.

I’m sure you’ll find something to make you feel like a winner.

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