Orange County escorts to work for Bangkok escort agency

BANGKOK — Orange County escort agency Womans escort agency announced Monday it is adding more than 100 new female escorts in the capital to fill the growing demand for the services.

Womans, a company based in the United States, has a long history of hiring young Thai women who have experience in the sex industry and who are eager to take the risks of being part of a brothel and become part of the Bangkok community.WOMANS said the new staff will be the first of its kind in the country and will be responsible for providing escort services in the new, expanded city.

The company’s goal is to bring more women into the industry and to attract more customers.

“We want to make sure we provide the right experience for women and we want to provide the best service for them,” Womens president and CEO Thakkum Nakhorn told reporters at a news conference in Bangkok.

Worries over safety and trafficking have driven Thai women to seek out escort services.

Many Thai women have become more open about their experiences as they age.

But Womers clients, who have a high risk of contracting HIV, are the group most at risk of infection.

Worst-case scenario, they may transmit the virus to their children, which is why Thailand has introduced new rules to restrict the number of children allowed to attend schools.

Worsening violence and the government’s crackdown on human trafficking have forced some Thai women out of the business, while others are struggling to make ends meet.

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