Female Escorts in Anchorage to Stop Calling ‘Angels’

The word “angel” was recently added to Anchorage’s official vocabulary.

But the city’s official use of the word is still “angel”.

The city is now calling it “angel escorts”, but the word was not intended to be a derogatory term, according to city spokeswoman Jennifer Stirling.

“We were a bit confused about the word ‘angel’ in the title and that’s why we decided to take it off the official language list,” she said.

“The word is a generic term that is used by all types of businesses and people in Anchorage.

The city’s mission is to make the city as safe as possible for all of its residents, so that’s what we wanted to remove from the language list.”

Alicia, who asked that her last name not be used because she is still waiting for a lawyer to be appointed to represent her, has had two men escort her around town.

She’s a bit nervous about what to wear and how she’s dressed.

“It’s weird because the last time I had a male escort, it was for me to go to a movie and I was kind of nervous,” she explained.

“But I’m not scared of a male because he is an older male.

They are not going to put him in a situation where he’s going to get hurt.”

While the city has a strict dress code, Alicia is still unsure if she needs a different type of escort.

“You have to go up there and get dressed and put on makeup,” she continued.

“I think if you are really comfortable in your own skin, that’s where you are going to have the most fun.”

I’ve had so many male escorts that I know I’ve had to go home and change my hair and go to the bathroom and get my hair done.

It’s weird.

“When Alicia first heard about the change to the word “female”, she was quite surprised.”

To me it’s a weird thing, but to them it’s just another word,” she replied.”

For them to just call it ‘female escorts’ I just think it’s weird.

“They’ve said, ‘You’re wearing pink lipstick’ or ‘You look like you’re having sex’.”

The city has also decided to remove a word from its official list of official languages: “English”.

In the same vein, Anchorage has also removed “male” from the official list.

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