What does ‘gay escort’ mean?

The Washington Post | Aug. 28, 2018 5:21 pm EDT “A gay escort?

You know, I’ve never met a gay escort before,” she said.

“I don’t know what that’s about.

You know what I mean?”

But she said she was impressed by her clientele.

“They’re pretty awesome,” she added.

“It’s a real cool thing to be able to be in their shoes and feel like you’re there.”

For most people, the experience is more of a hobby, not a job.

For the average escort, however, escorting is a major source of income.

The National Alliance to End Domestic Violence estimates that about 90% of women who use escort services work in the escort industry.

And those women are overwhelmingly white, as are many of the escorts who go to work in rural communities, according to the Alliance.

Some escorts report that a significant number of their clients are young people of color.

And some, like Laura, said that some of their escorts were transgender women.

“We were all pretty shocked when we got our calls,” Laura said.

Laura said she’d been in the business for three years.

She said she first started working as an escort while she was in high school in South Carolina, and her boyfriend was an escort in Georgia.

But after she began dating a man named Jeff, who also works as an escorts’ escort, she said that he became an issue.

“When he started telling me things about his wife and his family, and how he had been abused as a child, I kind of lost my balance,” Laura recalled.

“And so I started to get involved in the industry.

I started escorting for other people.

So, I guess I’m a pretty big part of that.”

But after being accused of being an escort, Laura said her clients started getting hurt.

“A lot of times it’s just really hard for a person to walk away from that, because you feel like they’ve been treated unfairly,” she recalled.

Laura was arrested in Georgia for prostitution and battery after being arrested for a domestic violence incident that occurred in August 2017.

She was released on a $1,000 bond, and after spending a year behind bars, she was released last September after serving eight months of a six-month sentence.

She told the Associated Press that the prison was a tough time for her.

“The prison wasn’t as nice, but it’s a good place,” she explained.

“So I think that helped.

I was able to get my life back together.

And I had to be out of jail.”

But Laura said that she was worried about her job.

“This is my livelihood, so I just don’t want to go through another cycle of going back to jail,” she told the AP.

“Because it’s going to be hard for my kids.

I don’t have a lot of money, so there’s going be a lot more bills I have to pay.

So I can’t just let it go.”

Laura said one of the first things she did when she got out of prison was apply for a job with the National Alliance.

“In Georgia, I was working at a hair salon, and my boss was a gay guy, and he had this great hair salon,” she remembered.

“He was like, ‘If you want to do this, I’m going to hire you.

It’s going out to the National Association of Hairdressers of America.’

I didn’t have to go to prison, and it was kind of an easy transition,” Laura added. “

Then I got my first job out of there.

I didn’t have to go to prison, and it was kind of an easy transition,” Laura added.

She started working at the hair salon in July of 2019, working as a hair stylist and a manicurist.

Laura had a lot to learn.

“First, the hair was too long,” she noted.

“Secondly, I had a bad reputation, and I’m like, no, I didn: I didn.

I’m not going to do it anymore.”

And then, the manicurists said that they didn’t like her hair.

“You’re supposed to have the hair long, but I don, too.

And they don’t like me.

I have a big bald spot, and they don, also,” she acknowledged.

“Sometimes the hair is really long, so they have to cut my hair, and sometimes they don.

And then they put me back in the same salon and I don: I’m back to being a haircutter.

And my boss, he was like this, ‘You know, you should try this.'”

So she did.

Laura started with a new client, and within a few months, she had a client who had a similar problem.

She had to quit, she told AP.

But she had another job lined up.

Laura told AP that she’s worked in the beauty and

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