The worst day in history for Canada’s escort industry

The worst week in Canadian history has seen a surge in the number of escort businesses shutting down, and the number experiencing significant losses.

A spate of closures across the country in the past week has led to a rise in demand for escorts, according to the Toronto-based escort agency, Red Dragon.

On Tuesday, Red Wings escort business Red Dragon closed for good.

On Thursday, Red Lions escorts Red and Jill were also shuttered.

On Friday, Red Dragons owner David Wieckman said he was closing two of the four locations he operates.

“They are closing and I’m not going to give them another chance,” Wiekman told CBC News.

“There’s been a lot of stress on our staff and their families.”

Red Dragon is Canada’s largest escort agency and has about 200 full-time staff across Canada.

Red Dragon says the downturn has affected some of its clients.

“We’re doing a little bit better but there are still some clients who are going to have a tough time,” Wieskerman said.

Wieckm said the company is currently looking to relocate some of the clients who have left because they no longer wanted to work for Red Dragon and the company was struggling to find escorts to take their place.

“It’s been really hard for the employees who were there.

The staff have to go out to other agencies.

It’s just really tough.”

Red Wings owner David L. Wiecksman told the CBC that the company will likely shut down the remaining escorts that work at Red Wings at some point.

Red Wings escorts Jill and Red Dragon in the middle of a fight.

Red Dragons owner L. David Wiesckman says he has also been contacted by some clients asking to take the business to another agency.

“Our customers want us to close them down and take our business elsewhere,” Wiedkerman told reporters in Toronto on Tuesday.

Wiesker said he is also considering selling the business, and has asked his wife to take over.

“I’m going to be the one who sells it to another person and we will try to move on,” he said.

“But I’m definitely going to try to make sure the customers are happy.”

Red Dragons owners David and Jill Wieksman, along with Red Wings’ other owners, were all in the process of selling the agency at the time of the shutdown.

Red and Jill’s manager, Jennifer Fagan, said she would not be able to comment on the situation.

Red Lions owner David and Red Wings manager Jennifer Fanny, who were both working as escorts at the same time, said they had no comment.

Red Locks, an escort agency in Ontario, has also closed its doors.

A spokesman for Red Locks confirmed the agency is closed.

“While the Red Lockerys are doing a great job of managing their business, there has been some difficult news and we are very grateful to the Red Wings and the people that work there for their support,” spokesman Tim Mather said in a statement.

Redlocks said it is working with Red Dragon to reopen.

Redlock, a Toronto-area escort agency that has also shut down, told CBC Toronto the escorts are looking for other agencies to replace them.

Red Lockings manager, Kelly Cavanaugh, told the Toronto Star it’s not clear yet if Redlock will reopen.

“As far as I know, we’re still working on that,” Cavanaugh said.

The closure of Redlock has led some clients to find other escorts.

“In the last 24 hours I’ve had a lot more people ask me to take them on trips out to places where I’m going out and not just staying in hotels and staying at hotels,” Redlock client Jessica Dutton told CBC.

RedLock, a former escorts agency in Toronto, has since shut down.

Jessica Dutton, who has been living with her boyfriend in Toronto for three years, says the escorting industry is in tough times.

Jessica has been travelling to many different places with her escorts and her boyfriend.

Jessica says she’s been having trouble finding escorts after Redlock closed.

Jessica said she has been working with other escorting agencies in Canada to find one who would take her place, and to keep her boyfriend safe.

“People just want to go on trips where there’s escorts around, so that’s what I’m looking for,” Jessica said.

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