New Jersey escorts offer private rides to the Oscars

New Jersey is offering escorts private rides at the Academy Awards to give the show an extra special touch.

In the past year, escorts in New Jersey have taken part in some of the most prestigious shows in the world.

They also have a reputation for being popular.

A new video from New Jersey escort service Chicks 2 City shows a group of escorts offering private rides in a van parked outside the Oscars Ballroom.

A man in the van is shown talking to the group and saying that he’ll take a group on a private tour of the Los Angeles Theatre.

In New Jersey, escorting services are usually allowed to operate under the auspices of a “certified escort” or escort.

The city has some of these escorts operating under its own authority, but New Jersey’s is a certified escort agency.

The video shows a van drive down the street to the theater.

A woman in the vehicle is seen talking with the group as they get out of the van.

She says she will take the group on an excursion to the Grand Palais in Paris, which is just across the river.

A second woman is seen speaking with the men in the car.

She tells them they’ll take them to the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles.

The group of four are then taken to the main entrance of the theater and taken into a backstage area.

At the Dol by the Sea, they are led to a dressing room where the women are instructed on how to dress and groom themselves.

They then are led out of their van and into the elevator, where they are met by a man in a white suit and tie.

He tells them to get into the car and head to the front of the house.

They exit the car into a hallway, where a man with a beard and a white shirt stands next to them.

The men are instructed to get on the back of the vehicle and start driving away.

A white shirt is on the ground and the group is led to another room.

The man tells them, “If you need anything, just ask.”

A group of five escorts are seen on the other side of the building.

They are instructed by a woman to drive a white sedan to the elevator and enter the Grand Hotel.

They’re led to the lobby of the Grand.

The man asks them to go into the dressing room.

They tell him they will be wearing a wig, which they then leave.

After they leave, the woman takes the group to the bar.

They get a drink, but they’re told to leave by the woman.

The woman tells them that the hotel staff will be waiting for them.

They leave.

The next day, the group leaves.

A group of six escorts is seen in the hallway, with a man and a woman waiting in the lobby.

The women say they are escorts for a man.

They enter the lobby, but the man tells the group that they cannot go to the bathroom.

They say that they are waiting for a hotel staff member.

The group then enters the elevator.

It begins to rain, and the woman is heard saying, “I’m sorry, but we can’t go inside.”

They go into a dressing area, where the man says, “It’s fine, we’ll take care of you.”

The group walks down the hallway into the bar, where another man is seen taking photos of the escorts.

He says, in a low voice, “This is just a matter of time.”

He says he is escorting them to an event in London, where he wants to see them.

They exit through a door to a balcony overlooking the Grand Palace.

There is a woman behind them, and she tells them she is escorts working for a friend.

The escorts walk off, but there is another group of women behind them.

She points to a man on the balcony and says, In the name of God, bless the King of Kings.

They walk out the door.

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