Inside the world of a new escort business in Northern Virginia

A new escort company in Northern VA is trying to capitalize on the boom in escort services across the country.

It’s called Hotline.

Live Escorts specializes in escorting teens and young adults to the local mall, and has opened a second location on Interstate 85 in Hampton Roads.

Hotline’s founder says she was approached by a guy at the mall who wanted to be his escort and was interested in taking advantage of the trend.

But first, she says she needed a business model.

“I didn’t want to just go to this job for the money,” she said.

So Hotline partnered with a couple from North Virginia, and it’s now operating in two locations.

But Hotline doesn’t have a physical location.

It uses a website to advertise the services.

The company advertises itself as a company that can offer “intimate, personal escort services.”

It’s also using social media to promote the service, like its website, to promote its new locations.

“It’s all about getting people to go to the mall,” said Hotline owner Amanda Jones.

“The goal is to get a client to go in the mall, then go out and see if there’s any escort services available there, and if not, maybe the girl wants to see if we have something available,” she added.

The two sites also offer tips on how to become a Hotline escort, like how to get into the mall and find an escort for you.

Hotline’s online ads boast of their new locations, saying they are now “open to all ages.”

They also advertise that they are willing to “help anyone in need” with escorting.

Jones said Hotlines locations are just one part of a larger business, and they are looking to expand.

“We don’t need the mall to be the only place for escort services.

We need to be able to expand beyond that,” she told Recode.

Hotlines new locations offer escort services that include:A massage, but no anal sexA massage in a restaurant, but with a female escortA full face lift, but without anal sexHotline is one of the only escort companies in Virginia that doesn’t take clients to bars, but to malls.

The Hotline website says the new locations will be more open to the public.

Jones says Hotline will soon be able start offering escort services to teenagers and young people.

The next location is set to open in the middle of August in the Hampton Roads area.

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