‘Myer Escorts’: Myer Escort Services ‘Are Safe and Affordable’

Myer escorts have been operating for nearly a decade in Austin, Texas.

And in the past month, the company has made headlines for allegedly forcing its female escorts to perform oral sex on men.

But according to The Associated Press, Myer’s female escort service is “a safe and affordable option for people looking for an escort in Austin.”

According to the AP, Myers claims it has “never forced any of its escorts [to perform] sexual acts or any type of forced sexual activity.”

In the case of a female escort, the agency says that, in the event that a woman is sexually assaulted, the woman is expected to tell the escorts supervisor and will “take appropriate steps to protect herself.”

In its policy on escort services, the Austin-based company states that if the escort has “reasonable suspicion that the victim is the perpetrator of a crime, we will investigate the matter immediately and take appropriate action to protect ourselves.”

Despite these claims, the Escort Resource Center told The Washington Post that “women and men alike” should “stay vigilant” and not “let the fear of being arrested and prosecuted deter you from choosing a safe escort.”

In addition, the organization notes that “many women and men in Austin” are “in need of a safe and convenient place to go when they need to get to work.”

A spokeswoman for Myer said the company does not comment on “privacy issues” and “has nothing to do with our escort program,” according to the Austin American-Statesman.

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