How to get into the escorts business in New Jersey

N.J. is a state where women are not only expected to look good but to have an excellent sex life.

And as one of the few states where escorts are not required to have a license, many New Jersey escorts have the luxury of doing what they want.

They can charge whatever they want to escort customers.

But one escorts owner says she’s not going to let the law deter her.

When asked what she would do if a man wanted to be her escort, the owner of the Escort Lounge on Main Street in Ocean City, New Jersey, said she would let him in.

If a woman wanted to have sex with someone, she would tell him, she said.

“I will let him have sex,” she said, adding that she has never been charged for sex.

“He has a right to have the best experience possible.”

Another escorts manager says the only thing she would say to a man who wants to be an escort is to let him into her establishment.

If you are a male, do not enter into a contract with me, she told ABC News.

“It’s illegal.

You have to go through a licensed escorts license.”

If a woman wants to have sexual relations with an escort, she will ask that the client leave her premises.

If a man wants to get a woman into bed, she has to ask him to leave her place.

And if a woman is being raped, she should get the police involved, she added.

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