Why Batons are so expensive

By now, you’ve heard about how expensive batons are, and you probably didn’t expect to see one of the biggest names in the industry, Batons International, in the business.

The company has been around for more than 20 years, and in that time, it’s grown into a company that has been making the lion’s share of its revenue in the U.S.A. It was the second largest company in the world behind only Gillette.

Batons has a $8 billion market cap, and it’s got an estimated 1,000 employees worldwide.

It’s a big company.

The fact that they have so much cash on hand is not something that’s just something that happens in one year.

They’ve been operating for over a decade, and they’ve done so without a single customer in the United States.

So they’re not making their money by doing a ton of things that aren’t good for the company.

Instead, they’re making money by focusing on their core business of providing the best products for the American market.

The first Batons product they introduced was a $400 baton that had a very specific design.

It had a single piece of nylon on the bottom and the top.

It has a very unique shape.

And you could literally throw it on your head, and there it would be.

That’s what made it such a popular product, and then they introduced the second product in the same year, the $1,500 baton.

It came with a strap that went around your arm and around your wrist, and that had that special feel to it, so it was a very nice baton for an American guy to wear.

It also had a strap on the top, and the other thing that made it really good was the fact that it came with this very strong, reinforced nylon, so that if you broke it, it would not fall off, because you could keep going up and down and up and up.

The next product they came out with was a new, much bigger baton, which had this new, really powerful motor.

The second one they introduced, they put the strap on it, and a strap goes around the outside of your wrist to keep your wrist from sliding down.

So that’s how you could actually break a Batons baton if you were trying to use it in a serious situation.

It worked.

That made them very popular in the marketplace, and this baton made them even more popular.

The third one was the $5,000 baton with a very strong metal back, and also, it had a belt buckle.

So you could put that on your arm, and your arm would be like a ball, and just slide right down.

And it also had this amazing buckle on the inside that kept the back of the baton in place.

This was the biggest one in the market, and so they made a lot of money from that.

And then, the fourth one was actually the first Baton in the Americas, the Baton International.

The Baton Americas had a much higher price tag, and we don’t really have any other Batons around.

And that’s where they started.

The last one was their $15,000 line.

And when they introduced that line, the American consumers really took notice.

And they really liked it.

They really loved the fact they were getting the very best quality batons, but at the same time, they were also getting this really great price tag.

And the fact is, you know, a lot more companies are starting to go after the batons market.

They’re starting to offer more affordable batons for people, and even at the cost of a lot higher prices.

They don’t have to offer the same quality, but they do have to give the customers more options.

So for example, they offer the Batons Premium line, which is $15.

It includes the top quality, and very expensive quality.

You get this special, very strong nylon that has a super high density of fiber, and at the end of the day, it protects the body, and protects the joints, and gives you that amazing feel.

It looks good on your body, it feels good on the wrist, it does a great job protecting you from anything that could break the batON, and Batons makes a lot out of that baton business.

They also offer their Baton Pro line, and for people that are looking for something really different, they make a very good, very high quality baton called the Batoon Pro.

This is what they call their premium baton because it’s a premium product.

The price point for this batons Pro line is $25,000, which means it’s the same price as a normal Baton, but it’s really a premium batons batons product.

It comes with a great padded strap, and if you break it, you can still go

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