What you need to know about the sea turtle that saved my life

The sea turtle’s name is Ambystoma scutellata, and it’s the only sea turtle in the world that can survive for more than six months underwater.

It is the only turtle that can stay underwater for more that four months at a time.

Ambystomas survival ability is the result of its incredible regenerative ability.

When Ambysts shell cracks open, it creates a hole that allows water to escape through.

When that water moves through, the shell opens up.

The shell is a very rigid structure.

This allows the turtle to withstand the pressures of the deep water.

But it is also a highly specialized tissue.

When the turtle’s shell cracks, the inner membrane is broken.

This creates cracks in the outer membrane.

The membrane then has to stretch.

The shell then has a tendency to compress the tissue in the cracks.

The result is that the turtle can be pulled underwater by force.

Ambysts shells have been preserved in tanks and have even been used in medical research.

While they may look like tiny pieces of meat, they are really more like jellyfish.

They are filled with microscopic blood vessels that have been broken away from the shells and replaced by collagen.

The collagen helps the shell to expand and contract.

The collagen also helps keep the membrane in place, allowing the shell and the body to function.

Amatorysts ability to survive underwater is due to a unique genetic mutation.

In Ambysta, the mutation was created in an attempt to survive in the harsh ocean conditions.

Scientists believe that the Ambystic gene is responsible for the survival ability of the Ambys shell.

The gene that was mutated in Ambysten was responsible for helping the Ambs shell to survive.

To learn more about the Ambynas shell, visit the American Museum of Natural History website.

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