When Palm Springs escort will be in high demand

Palm Springs is a hot spot for escorts in China and the Philippines.

Now, the Long Island City-based escort agency is getting its own location.

In fact, they are planning a “major expansion,” according to a post on the company’s Facebook page.

In 2018, Palm Springs will be home to its first full-service escort agency, the Palm Springs Escort Agency.

The Palm Springs company will be headquartered in the city’s historic South Beach, according to the post.

They are looking to expand their service to other parts of the island, but their first target is Long Island.

In addition to a new location, the company will have a new name, The Palm Islands Escort.

“We will be launching a brand new agency, with a new brand, to help expand our business on Long Island,” the post read.

The post was deleted a few hours later.

Read more about Long Island:  https://www.cnn.com/2018/06/24/health-and-safety-fact-checks-long-island-sanctuary-sanitation/index.html#ixzz2Z2Vy6wLZThe post was removed shortly after being published, but the photo was re-posted by another user on Monday.

According to the Instagram post, the new location will be located at the historic South Coast Plaza, which was the site of the former West Palm Beach Police Department.

The Post has reached out to the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office for comment.

The company’s website also says they offer “the highest quality escort service for clients and tourists.”

The company says they will be hiring at least 10 new drivers to help them with the influx of clients, according the post, and the agency will also be providing the city with “special security and escort services.”

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