‘I’m so sorry’: Escort site is being sued for ‘violating’ anti-harassment policy

The escort website is being attacked for allegedly violating an anti-discrimination law, according to a complaint filed by a New York woman.

The website, escortgirl.com, has been hit with a lawsuit by a transgender escort who says she was unfairly excluded from using the site because she was a woman.

According to the lawsuit filed Monday in Manhattan federal court, escort girl.com is violating the California Fair Employment Practices Act by discriminating against transgender women and girls.

The lawsuit says escort girls are not allowed to be paid by men.

It adds that escort girls must not use the name “Jennifer” or use the pronoun “they.”

The website is owned by a Chinese company called “Elisa,” but a representative for the company did not immediately respond to Mashable’s request for comment.

The suit says escortgirl has a history of violating the law, including having escort girls who have been fired for not following the company’s policy.

The lawsuit seeks unspecified damages and seeks a permanent injunction barring the company from engaging in discrimination.

It also alleges that the company discriminates against trans women, citing the “gender identity” policy.

According to the complaint, escort girls have to choose between using the male or female name and using the female pronoun, “they,” instead of “they” or “they’re.”

The complaint alleges that in addition to excluding transgender women from the site, escortgirls.com discriminates on the basis of gender and sexual orientation.

The suit also alleges the company is in violation of federal anti-bribery laws, which prohibit businesses from retaliating against employees who engage in protected activity.

In its complaint, the company claims it is not a sex shop and is only seeking to create a safe space for women who are transgender to work.

“Escort girls are expected to follow escort girls policies,” the complaint reads.

“Escort Girls does not provide any protection against sexual harassment and discrimination.

The sexual harassment, discrimination, and sexual harassment is based solely on gender identity.

The company has been and will continue to be a workplace for trans women and transgendered people who are sexually harassed, discriminated against, or otherwise treated with disrespect, including gender identity.”

The company has a policy against transgender people being sexually harassed and discriminated against.

The California Fair Labor Standards Act prohibits employers from retaliate against employees or employees who disclose a violation of the law.

The law requires employers to provide reasonable accommodations to workers in retaliation for disclosing violations of the state’s law.

The complaint, filed Monday, also alleges escorts are prohibited from using “gender-neutral” names on the site.

The complaint also claims escort girls cannot use the female name, “she,” on the escort site, unless they use the male name, and escorts cannot use female pronouns.

The company is not being paid by the escorts who have filed the lawsuit.

The escortgirl website’s owner, a woman, is not named in the lawsuit and could not be reached for comment, according the lawsuit, which says the company was not paid by escortgirl to conduct any investigation.

In January, the New York Attorney General’s Office filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission, claiming escortgirls violates the Fair Labor and Fair Housing Act.

The Attorney General has also filed a separate complaint with California regulators, alleging the escortgirl site discriminates based on sex, race, national origin, age, and disability.

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